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Determining Cost and Enterprise Viability

Are the activities on your farm costing you more in work than producing in profit? Creating an Enterprise budget and understanding your cost of production will help! How to create an enterprise budget

Examples-Sample Budgets and Spreadsheets

How to analyze an enterprise budget

Finding your Target Market

Who will buy your product? Understanding your customer is very important in determining product variety and marketing strategy!

Article: What is the Target Market for Small Farm Fruit & Vegetable Stores?

Article: Defining your Target Audience

Demographic Information by City and County: US Census Bureau


Determining Price

Price depends on several factors- cost of production, competition, and customer demand. When determining price you must first consider your cost of production, which represents the lowest possible price. Then determine the maximum amount your customer is willing to pay. Finally, check out your competitors’ pricing to understand your competitive advantages and challenges.

How to determine break even price

Price Reports

Boston Terminal

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

Marketing Your Products

Getting your products to market can be challenging! Creating a marketing strategy and a recognizable brand will drive customer loyalty.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Sample Marketing Plans

Post-Harvest Handling

Product appearance can make or break sales to returning customers either at the farmers’ market or wholesale. Ensuring products stay looking great is a process farmers of any size can implement on their farm.

Extending Seasons and Extending Profits

High Tunnels are a low cost way to increase early and late season production.

Penn State University

Cornell University

High Tunnel Decision Making Guide

If you cannot invest in a High Tunnel try extending profits with crops that can be dried or stored through winter months!

 Farmers’ Market Rules

WV DHHR Farmers’ Market Vendor Guide

Food & Farm Regulations and Legal Risk

Helping Small Farm and Food Entrepreneurs Navigate the Law

The Food Law Firm



Other Resources

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WV Farmers Market Association

WV Small Farms Center

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Value Chain Cluster Initiative

Northeast Sustainable Research and Education