Elizabeth Caul celebrates five years of business this year.  Her business, Noni Beauty Supply provides a wide variety of cosmetology materials and supplies from the neat and well-stocked store at 917 20th Street.  Products available include hair and cosmetic products, barber supplies and beauty products of all kinds. Unlimited Future takes pleasure in featuring Elizabeth and Noni Beauty Supply as today’s Featured Entrepreneur.

Elizabeth takes pride in responding to current trends in personal grooming and making products available as soon as the market produces the demand.  She points out the importance of being sensitive to customer requests.  She travels to trade shows often to keep up with current trends and styles, working with distributors in larger markets like Chicago and Atlanta to bring the best quality and variety to the store.   She learned the importance of customer service in other jobs over the years.  “Business is really simple.  All you have to do is get the customer what they want when they want it.  It’s all about customer service.”

“You have to fight for your business. “; Elizabeth points out, explaining the need to compete to stay ahead, removing the hindrances to growth. “If we fail to grow and develop our business, we can’t expect to succeed.”   To illustrate, most of her business at the present is from customers personally visiting the store to select their products, but plans are already in place to develop more online business through the website.  Noni Beauty Supply also has a presence on Facebook and conducts demonstrations and consultations with customers to ensure their satisfaction with their purchases.

Another point Elizabeth emphasizes is the importance of mentors and training.  She credits the early encouragement of her mother and grandmother especially with giving her confidence to go into business.   She points out the benefit of the training she received in Ursulette Huntley’s Planning for Profit class at Unlimited Future Inc.

Best wishes to Elizabeth and Noni Beauty Supply for continued success.


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