Create Huntington Chat ‘n Chew on May 22nd to Provide Mentoring Opportunities for Small Business Owners

(Huntington, WV)  The Create Huntington Chat ‘n Chew on Thursday, May 22nd will offer a forum for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone considering opening a small business to meet and network with experienced small business owners and professionals, such as accountants, bankers, lawyers, and business coaches. The Chat ‘n Chew is being organized in partnership with the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce and Generation Huntington, the Chamber’s young professionals committee.

Create Huntington Chat ‘n Chews are held every 5:30 – 7:00 PM, every Thursday, in the lobby of the Frederick Building, 940 Fourth Avenue, downtown Huntington. All Chat ‘n Chews are casual, free, and open to everyone.

As part of the City of Huntington’s small business initiative, Huntington: Be Small. Live Large, every Chat ‘n Chew in May has focused on the needs and opportunities of small businesses and entrepreneurs. On Thursday, May 1st, the Chat ‘n Chew focused on the question, “How can the community help small business owners and entrepreneurs? On May 8th, attendees answered the question, “What types of businesses would you like to see in Huntington?” On May 15th, attendees discussed ideas for non-traditional business locations, such as pop-up shops, outdoor markets, and co-share space.

“We are pleased to be part of the City’s small business initiative and commend the Mayor and all of the organizations involved in the effort. They are helping focus attention and resources on these businesses that are a major driver for our economy,” said Thomas McChesney, organizer of the Chat ‘n Chews. “The Chat ‘n Chews this month have provided valuable insight into the needs of our small businesses and helped us identify ways we can embrace and support small businesses so that they can become more successful and so we can create a more vibrant, diverse economy,” he said.

Held every Thursday, Chat ‘n Chews are open forums where residents discuss and work on projects to improve the quality of life in our area. For more information about Create Huntington and the Chat ‘n Chews, visit the organization’s website at