How many problems in business can’t be solved with an influx of good, profitable customers? Should your company take advantage of the current low advertising rates to grow your customer base? Not necessarily says marketing consultant Chuck McKay. According to McKay, some businesses will do better by not advertising at all, and others need to choose their advertising media to match the profitability of their best customers.

That’s the topic of McKay’s free workshop presented by Huntington’s Unlimited Future, Inc. on Tuesday, November 14. Attendees will learn how to produce the highest return on their advertising investment. The workshop will run for an hour, and include handout material.

The seminar will be held on Monday November 14, 2011 at 4pm at Unlimited Future Inc. 1650 8th Ave., Huntington, WV.   If you have questions please call 304-697-3007 click on the link below to register.

Chuck McKay is a Huntington based marketing consultant who focuses on professional practices and owner-operated businesses. Much as a good investment counselor does, he studies the market to help shift the odds in his clients favor. Read about McKay’s marketing philosophies at

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