Goal Setting

Swimming to my Goal is a way of seeing different parts of the goal. It is all connected. When you are looking to set new goals think of this “fish” swimming toward the goal.

  1. Skills Needed – What are the tools and resources needed that is needed to go toward your goal? Are there new skills you will have to develop?
  2. Money Needed – How much are you estimating this will cost you? Have you taken the time to research the money needed for the goal and developed the amounts needed?
  3. Challenges – Have you named all the possible roadblocks and challenging aspects of reaching this goal? By identifying these challenges, you will be better equipped to cover come them.
  4. Time Needed – How much time is needed to reach your goal every day or month toward your goal?
  5. Training Needed – Where can you improve your abilities to reach your goal? You can do this by seeking out free resources online, videos, books, and nonprofits in your community that offer your training at a free or low cost.