Savannah’s Restaurant has been a Huntington destination for years with a high-quality dining experience. It is the place for many special moments in life like engagements. The staff at Savannah’s treat you like family and take pride in caring for each customer that walks through the door. When Savannah’s closed its doors, Tara Dunn, a former employee of the restaurant, took on running the business with the intention of continuing the legacy and traditions of Savannah’s.

Tara Dunn grew up in Huntington, West Virginia, and began working for Savannah’s because they needed extra help during the holiday season. She worked full time for the restaurant and the owner Ava became a role model and like a second mother to her. Tara raised three children in Huntington and has worked on and off for 21 years for Savannah’s. “I talked about owning the restaurant one day and when the opportunity came available to run the restaurant myself I went for it. I talked to the head chef who agreed to return to run the kitchen and then I went after my dream,” said Tara. She was referred to Unlimited Future for getting her business started and she met with Ursulette Huntley and Jules Bills from Unlimited Future a few occasions before signing up for Planning for Profit, an eight-week business start-up taught by Unlimited Future, Training Director, Jules Bills. “Jules has been great and what I love about her the most is she has helped me whenever I needed it. She would help me fill out the paperwork, come to the restaurant, coach me through challenges, and kept me on track…If I didn’t have Unlimited Future I do not think I would have been able to do this,” said Tara.

Tara has been busy getting the restaurant ready to reopen with fresh paint and look while keeping many of the same traditions such as menu item favorites. “We’re excited that we are going to offer brunch on Sundays that will include an awesome brunch menu along with drink specials. We will be serving dinner Thursday-Sunday that features different specials.”

You can keep up with updates on Savannah’s reopening on their Facebook page or call the restaurant at 304-529-0919.