Since 1964, SCORE has advised many small businesses that now are well known by all, like the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Vera Bradley Designs and Jelly Belly Candy. The e-Business Now program has the same lofty goals: Help small businesses grow and prosper using contemporary technology to compete more effectively.

SCORE and e-Business Now are committed to help you on many levels:

  • Online workshops. When time is at a premium (do small business owners ever have enough?), you can get “comfortable” and complete technology workshops online.
  • In-person workshops and roundtable discussions. 1-day events, packed with technology information to grow your business, offer valuable live, in-person sessions designed specifically for small businesses.
  • Tech savvy volunteers at local SCORE offices. With over 360 offices around the U.S., you’ll find a tech savvy SCORE volunteer close to your home or business.
  • Technology mentors. Having an expert mentor at your disposal can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. SCORE offers mentors who refuse to accept mediocrity as an option.
  • Combining tech knowledge with classic expert business advice. The winning combination of e-Business Now technology training and SCORE volunteer assistance will pave the highway of success for your small business.

SCORE has helped 9 million small businesses succeed. SCORE and e-Business Now are ready to help the next million entrepreneurs, “one business at a time.”