Beginning Friday November 4 at 8am

The first ever Tri-State Farm & Food Conference was met with incredible enthusiasm from folks in the greater Huntington area. We are striving for even more enthusiasm as we gear up for the 2011 conference.

This year we plan a two-day event, with Friday, November 4th being day-long workshops focusing on a more in-depth look at the big issues. Those day-long workshops will include high tunnels, poultry and a youth 4-H/FFA Entrepreneurship event. On Saturday, the structure will be much the same as last year, with hour-long presentations by various folks known for their success in small farming. Of course our lunches and breaks will be prepared by the Chef Larry Perry and his Mountwest Community and Technical College Culinary students from local ingredients we have purchased from small farmers.

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The conference will be held at the New Baptist Church, located at 610 28th St in Huntington.