Southside Sliders is the passion project of Jason Webb who named the business after the neighborhood where he grew up the Southside in Huntington, West Virginia. Southside Sliders is a food truck that features tasty burger sliders, sandwiches, and tater tots. 🍔Since 2015, Jason has grown his business being adaptive, like offering food truck catering. Success does not happen overnight, it takes hard work and flexibility.

Jason grew up with an entrepreneurial father and spent many years working in the pharmaceutical industry. He was ready for a change when he was laid off in early 2010. Jason discovered Unlimited Future’s eight-week course, Planning for Profit, which kick-started his business launch🚀. Jason worked with Ursulette Huntley throughout the course and shared his experience, “It is hard to find people that passionate about teaching others, Unlimited Future is a good resource for people getting started and if they do not know the answer they will point you in the right direction.”

Jason opened One-Stop Rental shortly after completing the Planning for Profit course. One-Stop Rentals is an advertising business that simplifies the rental process. However, Jason’s passion for food led him to start a second business Southside Sliders a mobile food truck.🚚 Jason quickly gained a customer base with good food that appealed to a wide audience and grew the business into a Huntington destination. In 2019, Jason purchased a G.D. Ritzy restaurant on Hal Greer Boulevard an icon of nostalgia in Huntington. He made sure to keep the menu and 1950s-themed restaurant to honor the history of the establishment.

Jason gives this advice to people looking to start their own business. “Find your passion. Your passion will never seem like work… You do not mind the hard work or figuring out stuff you have never done before.” Unlimited Future enabled Jason to start a new career path as an entrepreneur.