Jennifer Jones has a life long experience in the cattle business. Jennifer started her business more than 18 years ago by selling locally off the farm and at the farmer’s markets.

In January 2017, she opened Swift Level Fine Meats, a market offering a wide range of high-quality meats🐄, cheese🧀, eggs, homemade bread🍞, honey🍯, and more sourced from over 50 WV producers in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Swift Level is set apart by their artisan cured and smoked hams, bacon, house sausages hand-cased and tied, and she has begun a line of salt/dry-cured products all made from regional pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, and poultry.

Jennifer connected with Unlimited Future while serving as a panel presenter at a conference. A partnership grew from that first meeting to coach and develop new business owners in the local food and farm sector to build the sector. “Unlimited Future has given me many opportunities to collaborate and participate in food system business growth,” said Jennifer Jones.

In October of 2019, Jennifer was a speaker for the Local by Local Food & Farm Expo a regional conference for farmers and food entrepreneurs. The big takeaway from the conference style Local by Local for is “ A smaller, more intimate group, regionally-based fortifies the front of support and acknowledgment of how each person plays a unique role in the whole picture. We all need each other.” Unlimited Future builds the local economy by connecting small businesses.