Nov. 3, 2010 – 1:00 – 4:00 pm, Unlimited Future 1650 8th Ave., Huntington, WV

Cash Reigns Supreme
Tracking the Financial Results of Your Business

A one-half day course designed for small business an owner that teaches the importance of financial statements and how they can be used to make better business decisions.  The connection between bookkeeping transactions and financial statements is made using QuickBooks software.  Participants learn how third parties, including lenders, evaluate financial statements to make lending decisions.

Specific topics include:

    • the importance of maintaining current and accurate financial records
    • keeping financial records with QuickBooks
    • accounting terminology
    • balance sheet
    • profit and loss statement
    • the importance of cash
    • determining your company’s cash needs
    • cash flow statements
    • cash flow forecasting
    • selecting an accountant and accounting system
    • preparing for growth

Registration & Tuition Information

To register, go to:  There is no fee for this course so everyone is welcome.