Join our six week start-up class “Planning For Profit” starting on August 19th, 2014 at 6:00p.m.  You will learn how to:

*  Understand the different types of research that must be done as part of the small business planning process, and learn various ways to collect data

*  Analyze the risks associated with starting a small business and learn how to effectively deal with those risks

*  Understand legal and administrative issues, and learn now to properly address taxes, licenses/permits, and personnel structure and policies

*  Understand the nature, importance, options and problems involved in office/business type and location; procurement of the building, equipment and inventory, and the proper design and layout, of these physical facilities for doing business

*  Understand the administrative operations involved in establishing and maintaining distribution channels and fulfillment, general office management, bookkeeping and insurance

*  Understand the different options for securing capital and the distinction between equity and loan capital, and identify the types and amounts of capital needs that exist

*  Understand the importance of procedures for small business accounting, expense tracking, receiving payments and forecasting