Today Unlimited Future, Inc. partnered with Center for Economic Options and Coalfield Development Corporation have entered into an agreement with Perennial Favorites to build a year round production and teaching facility on Madison Avenue. This facility will showcase a 132 x 30 ft high tunnel and grow lettuce, salad greens and salad toppers year-round. The goal is to provide this knowledge to local farmers and train the next generation of food producers!

Consistent supply of local foods could make a significant impact on the local economy! Local farmers are learning more about the tools that could make that impact a reality. Many Farmers sell their goods while the market is in surplus returning a lower price for their product. If some of these farmers could expand the growing season then demand for locally grown food products would increase and farmers could receive a better price for their product.

A high tunnel is like a green house however it is not equipped with a heating and cooling system, this makes the tunnel system more affordable for farmers. The tunnel traps heat just like a greenhouse and this new technology has the potential to create a more consistent supply of veggies to local consumers and other food businesses.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos as the project unfolds!

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