ROC: Geospatial Training Program

In Spring 2022, Unlimited Future, Inc will be launching a new training program for young adults interested in exploring geographic concepts, learning geospatial science skills (e.g. Geographic Information Systems), and improving their digital literacy.



For more information on how to apply:

10 + 12 =

Community Mapping Project

The community mapping project is a participatory project to explore the culture, history and people of Eastern Huntington.

The project began in the Summer of 2020 with interviews with current and former residents of the Fairfield neighborhood.  The focus of these initial interviews was to explore current and historical businesses in the neighborhood and feelings about new business and entrepreneurship that UFI could support.


UFI recognizes the role that community knowledge has in sustaining both community identity and resilience.  Since the early 20th century, the Fairfield neighborhood has been a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that has supported a number of African American owned business providing services to residents.  Through our community mapping project, we hope to identify both the historic and current resources and community knowledge within Fairfield as a key element in community growth and development.