Building a Brand for Local Meat Toolkits

(These toolkits were supported by the USDA Rural Business Development Grant program)
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Labeling Toolkit

Designing Your Brand Identity: Labels

Logos Toolkit

Developing Your Brand Identity: Logos

Marketing Materials Toolkit

Building a Brand: Marketing Materials

Photo Toolkit

Building a Brand for Local Meat: Photography

Producer Toolkit

Growing to Standard: Producer Tips

Retailer Toolkit

Growing to Standard: Retailer Tips


Meat Regulations with the WVDA
Join Quinton Jones of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture as he presents on meat regulations in the state of West Virginia.

Entering Markets and Meeting Protocol
Join us for a look at the Local Meat Branding Toolkits we produced with Swift Level Fine Meats, Downstream Strategies and Unlimited Future, Inc. (supported by the USDA Rural Business Development Grant program). Toolkits are located at the top of this page.

Beefing Up Appalachia
Did you know that consumers throughout Appalachia consume around 39 pounds of beef per year and and 31 pounds of pork per year? If consumers were purchasing this meat from regional producers, beef producers would have to slaughter and process 99% of the current beef cattle inventory to meet regional demand! Hog production would need to increase almost 90 fold to reach regional consumption! Follow along with Jennifer Jones of Swift Level Fine Meats as she discusses how they have risen to meet this demand for local meat in West Virginia.