Planning for Profit, eight-week course, will cover everything a prospective business owner will need to research, learn, consider and even not do when starting a business. The text for the course is filled with checklists, lists of important questions to ask, worksheets, internet resource guides and much more. Planning for Profit course is free for very-low-income clients, to see if you qualify call 304-697-3007 or email

Planning for Profit covers in-depth:

* Clarifying your business concept and defining meaningful goals
* Conducting market research and developing your strategic position
* Handling government requirements: licenses, permits, taxes
* Managing your money: bookkeeping, budgets, credit cards, investors
* Developing an effective marketing and sales campaign
* Hiring and leading great employees
* Setting up your office/store/plant effectively
* Getting and staying organized

Here are some things prior students had to say about the course:

“Mrs. Huntley is the type of instructor that takes the time to know your needs and helps you work toward your goals.”

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is planning to start a business or even someone who already owns one!”

  • One of the main focuses of the course is to help people understand how to acquire funding so that they can get their business started the right way.
  •  Planning for Profit course will give you the tools you need to start or expand your business. It covers information such as business concepts, market research, legal/licensing, operations, financing, and marketing.
  • Tuition rates are based on household income.
  • Course is delivered in-person and online. The course will be 6 PM to 8 PM for eight-weeks weekly.  However, please contact UFI to confirm classes, days and times. For Pricing, call 304-697-3007 or email

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